Friday, March 23, 2012

ayoooo friends

This week,
I completed the layout for my applied piece ! so its looking goodddd. I’m  just working on making it…. .
ugh  I should be done by next week !!
I also have a panel meeting coming up soon where I can share all my progress… no pressure or anything…
I am very stressed out so I’m going to work more on this guide thing.. ): YOLO.

and if you are wondering i hate the phrase YOLO... just no...

Friday, March 9, 2012

here we go again

This week I went over my applied piece plan with my panel member and she gave me a lot of good feed back. I just need to fix a few more things on it annnnnd it will be complete ! I also started working on the applied piece itself.  I started drafting activity ideas and started developing them. SO far I been working on a emotion identify game that will take videos and pictures of popular  TV shows and freezing them so campers can help identify emotions. There will also be worksheets and conversations as well. I’m also reading into a music game and an active game that will involve patterns and memorization.  Fun right?! Soooooo that is what I have been doing this week, stressing over my applied piece plan and starting the applied piece… ughhhhhhhhh. I’m stressed but hopefully by next week I will have one activity done and another started.  I  also thought of documenting my activities when i try them out on my little sister. I will write down my reactions and what work and what didn't work. I can't wait ! but seriously, that wasn't sarcasm. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

I feel lost man..

So, this week... I worked a lot on my applied piece plan. I finished my plan horary… and I also send it to my expert and my panel member.  That is pretty much all I did this week because I was editing my plan and I also started my applied piece. Woohoooo. Sorry, this post is so short.  But my life isn't that exciting right now.  PLAN for this week... start my applied piece.. I have goten a course template and i am starting writing my guide.

Friday, February 17, 2012

This week was a LONG week. I'll start this post by complaining about the amount of work that I had assigned to me this week.. it was a lot. BUT next week is vacation.. well its vacation in exactly two hours. Yes.
The Senior Project work I have done this week is.. (dun dun duuuuun) I have completed editing my annotated bibliography and just turned in my applied piece plan. Bam. I’m on fire.
I have also started talking to my expert about questions of mine.
Wait, applied piece.. what is my applied piece plan you may be wondering..
Well, I am planning on making a guide. A guide to a successful special ed camp.
I will include all my lovely research and develop programs and activity for camps to run.
Maybe I should run one…
Well for next week I plan on continue brainstorming about this project and start making it come to life. Should be interesting.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I was sick this week...

SO. I need to make this post really fast because I’m super behind with everything because I was out for TWO days last week…. here we go.
So last week I completed my annotated bibliography.. welllll I need to revise it.. which I will start after this post !
I also completed all my notes for all my sources. YEAH. I did. I still need to go through and re-read all my notes and such.
Next week, well today I will start revising my AB and start my applied piece plan- I’m making a camp program shhh.
I also going to start contact with my expert and ask lots of questions.  Now I need to get to work ! bye.

Friday, February 3, 2012

So, I know how to upload photos now....I feel like this.

I Am Not Doing The Whole Seven Question Thing.

Well. Blog flowers(none)
This week I read SO MUCH. I gather lots of helpful sources that well allow me to complete this fun project! Yay.  I also, started this weird thing called “notes”. Its not the normal write random facts on a sheet notes, its like organized in a binder notes. Crazy. I  have also started my annotated bibliography which is annoying.. but I did start it. Over all I feel really good about this week. I have contacted more people and started to expand on my research so Progresssssssss,
Oh and, learning.. this week I learned a lot more about programs and teaching but I tried to focus more about how to inspire children to push them selves and feel included. I address my sub question about counselors, programs and I started the one about how does a summer camp effect a person ! About goals… yah, I did not interview anyone this week but I did finish or almost finish my notes !  This week was all about reading and note taking, it was just lovely..
Goal for next week: interview someone...