Friday, January 27, 2012

I don't have a name for this.. sorry

Hooray. Week two.

Q:  what did you do this week? what did you read?
where did you visit? who did you interview...

This week… I have COMPLETED my panel member and expert forms! yayyayayayay which means…I can officially start my project. Yay…?    I also, started going over again music teaching resources for kids with special needs and started to read my two parent books about teaching a child with disabilities. AND I made my interview question list… oh yah. I’m ready..

Q2: What was the most important, relevant or
interesting thing you learned?

Well. I have learned lots this week.. I’m such a good student.. okay, so reading parents books makes me never want to have kids, I learned that.  Also, more academic related I have learned that I take a lot of time to teach a child with disabilities simple thing such as simple behavior skills.

Q3: Did you address any specific subquestions?

What I did this week helps with the subquestion “what makes an effective camp counselor”  I was reading about teaching techniques that would help a counselor at a special needs summer camp..

Q4: Did you accomplished goals you set from last week? Did
they change?

welllllllllllllllll… I made a goal list SO goal
accomplished ! and I did complete the interview sheet..!

Q5: What is giving you trouble? What were your biggest challenges
this week?

STARTING. Yes, starting this was giving me lots of

^ same this week… but I mainly spent this week doing panel member and expert stuff.. I need to actually start huh?

Q6: How might you problem solves to resolve some of these same

Making a goal list can help and organize my time
would defiantly benefit me.  KEEP THAT UP ! its helps… AND meet with my advisor.. that might help too(:

Q7: What are your goals for next week?
Interview someone: anyone..  continue taking notes about resource.

goodbye blog two

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