Friday, January 27, 2012

Week One of Senior Project Class.. The day Blogger didn’t want me...

BUT friends..  This is my temperately blog until Blogger decided to let me join..
plus they did say i can be informal...

entry one:   We were asked to make and design a Blog in order to track our progress in our senior project. So sense this is a blog I am going to say how feel about blogs, I strongly hate them... One main reason for this hate is that I don’t know how to create one and I think people ramble and complain about useless things on them. Good news IACS community this will not be like those blogs. This one is going to be a little more entertaining because it is about Me!  well.. my Senior project.Thats right, this “ blog” is going to document my journey to completing this project ! What is my project ? well IACS, it address a main topic that we all think about every day and night.. summer.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes an effective summer camp? no- that doesn't surprise me. Now, let me ask... have you ever wondered what makes an effective teacher? no- shocking. Okay, my last question do you know what it takes to make an effective special needs summer camp? -- no. well lucky you, follow my project and you can learn what it does take to make an effective special needs camp. OKAY I should start talking about my recent research...

Q:  what did you do this week? what did you read? where did you visit? who did you interview...

So far friends, I have started my research ! I have found websites about camps, educational programs and different teaching techniques. Cool right?  I also have written a research paper about using music in a special needs camp. I have collected a few books to help me during this project.. one being “ Children with Disabilities” and “ Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about their bodies boundaries and sexuality”. I about to read them after I finish this post. plus  don’t worry, I have a library card so i can find more text resources..  In the future! or in the next few weeks I hope to start interviewing people. ( teachers, camp directors). I plan on visiting the Paul Center in Chelmsford and meeting with there director, Eric. His name is Eric.. and that's all i know. Maybe I will facebook him.. kidding. That would be creepy.  But really, my Mother works at the Paul center and she is going to introduce me to him, I'll try not to scare him?!

Q2: What was the most important, relevant or interesting thing you learned?
I actually learned a lot in the last few months. I spent a lot of time learning about music and how it aids in teaching children with special needs. DID YOU KNOW that having music in a summer camp can help a child learn about there social, behavior and problem solving skills?

Q3: Did you address any specific subquestions?
fun fact about me, I still hate blogs. but yes, i did address one of my subquestions- what would make an effective summer program- MUSIC

Q4: Did you accomplished goals you set from last week? Did they change?

What goals?????  We actually just started this class so I did not have any goals. (:

Q5: What is giving you trouble? What were your biggest challenges this week?
STARTING. Yes, starting this was giving me lots of trouble..

Q6: How might you problem solves to resolve some of these same challenges?
Making a goal list can help and organize my time would defiantly benefit me.

Q7: What are your goals for next week?
Make a goal list. Start coming up with interview questions !

---Now I am done with my first blog entry… yay.  

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