Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am Not Doing The Whole Seven Question Thing.

Well. Blog flowers(none)
This week I read SO MUCH. I gather lots of helpful sources that well allow me to complete this fun project! Yay.  I also, started this weird thing called “notes”. Its not the normal write random facts on a sheet notes, its like organized in a binder notes. Crazy. I  have also started my annotated bibliography which is annoying.. but I did start it. Over all I feel really good about this week. I have contacted more people and started to expand on my research so Progresssssssss,
Oh and, learning.. this week I learned a lot more about programs and teaching but I tried to focus more about how to inspire children to push them selves and feel included. I address my sub question about counselors, programs and I started the one about how does a summer camp effect a person ! About goals… yah, I did not interview anyone this week but I did finish or almost finish my notes !  This week was all about reading and note taking, it was just lovely..
Goal for next week: interview someone...

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